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Wedding Photography

Your wedding: the happiest day of your life. And a day you want to remember in detail, all its beauty and joy captured unobtrusively, beautifully, by a professional wedding photographer born in Glasgow with both decades of experience and a very contemporary, imaginative outlook.

Great Scot Wedding Photography Glasgow, with literally hundreds of ‘happiest days' recorded to clients' complete satisfaction, takes every wedding commission with absolute commitment to the needs and desires of those involved. Speed is crucial; an ability to mix socially with folk from every walk of life, yet remain, when necessary, invisible; the latest camera equipment is always used, but only in the hands of someone with a great visual sense and the ability to turn that into wonderful pictures can that make your wedding memories delight forever. A good camera is never enough.

Great Scot Wedding Photography Glasgow can do all of this. But crucial to every wedding is a full, free consultation on what you want. Understanding of special circumstances is a given. All locations can be tackled, all lighting conditions, indoors and outdoors. Swift turnaround is guaranteed. Various packages are available, from just £800.

Remember, too, that we can go beyond the ‘everyday' wedding album approach, and provide informal, often wonderfully witty portraits of your guests in the course of the day. They will treasure their own memento of your big day, and so will you.

And afterwards, how you enjoy the wedding pictures is up to you. The possibilities are almost infinite. We can provide sumptuously bound and printed traditional wedding albums, digital slide shows, digital and classic wooden framing, and printing on to almost any surface, from giant canvas wall hangings to clothing!

More than anything, we provide absolute reliability. Trust us with your happiest day and rest assured that you are in the safest of hands, viewed by the clearest of eyes.

Corporate Photography

Products. It's not just about making them look good. It's making them look good enough to buy.

Companies. It's not just portraying cheerful and attractive faces, nice buildings and neat interiors. How do you make your firm look like it means business? Like it will make and deliver the goods?

These are jobs that require great insight, that need research and conversation. As well as the state of the art equipment, technical skill and experience to produce images that work for you.

Great Scot Corporate Photography Glasgow can make your food products look good enough to eat, can turn a piece of rotomoulded plastic into - not a work of art - but something that communicates its function and form to the customers you're aiming at.

And when it comes to profiling your company, to telling your story, Great Scot can recognise and photograph the essentials, get to the core of the message you want to send, and make it visual.

Products, people and process. Putting them into pictures is our job. Making those pictures tell the story you want and need is our mission. We do it quickly and economically, too, delivering promptly in the finished form you require - high quality prints of any size or mount, or electronically. Turnaround is swift. Quality is unsurpassed.

Portrait Photography Glasgow

Family "snaps" or that special portrait of someone you cherish.

When you need something special, for a christening, a first communion, a birthday present or a really top notch family memory, family snaps won't do. This is where Great Scot's Portrait Photographers Glasgow professionalism takes over.

Proper professional lighting, studio backdrops, sheer skill and experience are all key to making a family portrait photograph which not only attracts the eye in an album, but framed on a wall or emailed across the world for relatives to cherish.

Portraits involve personal relationships too, and making clients feel comfortable and at ease is key to our success. From the youngest children to the very elderly, a lightness of touch and gentle sureness of approach works wonders.

You can rely on Great Scot's Portrait Photography Glasgow to capture that special moment, that you can cherish forever. We don't just excel in what we do, we are industry award winners with an impressive portfolio that speaks for itself.

If your thinking about getting portrait photography, then look no further. Please just get in touch and we will be only to happy to talk you through the full process, we are very approachable and friendly, just use our online contacts form and we will email or call you you back by return. Hear at Great Scot, we know that a picture is worth a thousand words and have decades of experience in what we do. Our portrait packages start from only £75.



From South Africa to Australia, the USA to the most remote outposts of Europe, Great Scot has worked in some of the most breathtaking landscapes imaginable.

But the truth is, nowhere is more spectacular than Scotland.

And taking a beautiful view is much more than simply pointing and shooting. Decades of experience have taught Stewart Cunningham the value of time and patience. Of being prepared to wait.

But then, recognising the micro-opportunity and squeezing the shutter release at the perfect moment.

It's also about technical skill. Painting with light. Knowing how to use the light available to display a scene to its greatest effect. And having the equipment and expertise to do that.

So Stewart's landscapes can be thumbnails on the web AND giant wall hangings. Canvas show prints or magazine illustrations. He brings the same care, attention to detail and commitment to quality to all his work. And his eye for a lovely piece of scenery is legendary.

It's so much more than a snap.


"I've known and worked with Stewart Cunningham of Great Scot Photography for over a quarter of a century" says journalist and broadcaster Tom Morton, "and I can safely say that when it comes to music and media photography, he's really quite good.

"Joking aside, Stewart has produced the goods for publication under some of the most trying circumstances imaginable. Established rock stars are sometimes the easiest people to photograph. And the hardest to do well. Stewart's done them all. The Stones, INXS, Proclaimers, Tom Petty, John Martyn, Simple Minds, Big Country, Eurythmics, Dire Straits, Wet Wet Wet, Richard Thompson... even Take That when they were a boy band.

"But snotty youngsters who think they're already gods and goddesses can be the most difficult to work with. Yet time and time again I've watched Stewart produce pictures that they -and their management - could be proud of.

"Live concert photography is incredibly difficult to do well, but I think I can guarantee that using Stewart means a guaranteed, high quality result. We used to work, for the old weekly Melody Maker in the pre-digital days, to very tight guidelines that required each shot to be perfect, without any way of knowing what the results in the darkroom would be like. There was no room for error, with a Red Star overnight rail delivery the only way of getting finished prints to the presses on time. And Stewart never failed."

"Stewart and I did stories together for the Herald, the Scotsman, Melody Maker and many other papers and magazines. Bands, either in live reviews or as features and interviews, were always great because Stewart really loves music. it was always more than a job for him. It was a passion. And these days, even at his advanced age, it still is! the pictures he's taken recently of the likes of Edwyn Collins or young bands like The Fortunate Sons playing with a legend like Terry Reid are really superb."


It's really quite simple: if you need to be in the news, if you need to BE the news, then there needs to be a photograph. But not just any picture will do. It needs to tell the story. And it could be your story.

Great Scot Photography's history is in news. Newspapers. Everything from local weeklies to mass circulation dailies in Scotland, England, America, Australia and Africa. In the era of the internet, much has changed, but the need for a picture that tells a story hasn't. And from sport to politics, from the arts to hard science and industry, Great Scot has delivered and still delivers the goods to the professional press.

We can advise on what will make a photo opportunity, and what will not. We can take pictures carefully targetted at different publications. It's crucial to recognise the difference between a professional journal and its requirements, and a tabloid daily newspaper. The difference between a 'soft' feature and 'hard' news.

Great Scot knows about 'viral' communication on the net, the way photographs can become cult viewing on PCs worldwide. Tweaking a picture for that market is a skill rooted in the old-fashioned demands of the newspaper picture desk: where's the story? don't tell, just show.

Sometimes, taking that picture can involve stamina and even risk. From world news events, to roped-up climbs on Gibraltar; at the feet of footballers and manhandled by riot police, Stewart Cunningham of Great Scot has kept on clicking that shutter. But for you, in a less fraught environment, he can take time to identify the story, and turn it into irresistible visuals.

Event Photography

In the world of digital photography, instant is everything. Yet all too often, sharing and showing involves disappointment due to delay, while copies are distributed over the web, or camera displays are passed from hand to hand and just the right angle.

Just imagine: a party or dinner, a night out or a big night in. And the photographs become part of the evening. First, professionally taken, properly edited pictures are projected onto screens during the dance, dinner or while cocktails are being consumed. Mere minutes after the photographer has unobtrusively taken the shots.

Then, instant, high quality die-bond prints can be purchased, at very reasonable prices, in protective mounts, right through until the end of the evening. The perfect talking point during the night, and a wonderful souvenir to take home afterwards.

We have state of the art, highly portable kit than can do this for events both large and small, corporate and private, wild and noisy or discreet and dignified.

Everybody wants a proper photograph they can keep and show. We can provide that. Instantly. And with a real breath of excitement as
people see themselves projected onto the screens while they enjoy themselves.

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