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It's really quite simple: if you need to be in the news, if you need to BE the news, then there needs to be a photograph. But not just any picture will do. It needs to tell the story. And it could be your story.

Great Scot Photography's history is in news. Newspapers. Everything from local weeklies to mass circulation dailies in Scotland, England, America, Australia and Africa. In the era of the internet, much has changed, but the need for a picture that tells a story hasn't. And from sport to politics, from the arts to hard science and industry, Great Scot has delivered and still delivers the goods to the professional press.

We can advise on what will make  a photo opportunity, and what will not. We can take pictures carefully targetted at different publications. It's crucial to recognise the difference between a professional journal and its requirements, and a tabloid daily newspaper. The difference between a 'soft' feature and 'hard' news. 

Great Scot knows about 'viral' communication on the net, the way photographs can become cult viewing on PCs worldwide. Tweaking a picture for that market is a skill rooted in the old-fashioned demands of the newspaper picture desk: where's the story? don't tell, just show.

Sometimes, taking that picture can involve stamina and even risk. From world news events, to roped-up climbs on Gibraltar; at the feet of footballers and manhandled by riot police, Stewart Cunningham of Great Scot has kept on clicking that shutter. But for you, in a less fraught environment, he can take time to identify the story, and turn it into irresistible visuals.



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